Parallel Lines Curated by Matthew Couper
Gisborne, New Zealand
3– 31 August 2013
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PARALLEL LINES, Curated by Matthew Couper, Las Vegas, USA, 3rd – 31st of August 2013
'All I want is 20-20 vision / A total portrait with no omissions' - Blondie, ‘Picture This’, Parallel Lines LP, 1978
PARALLEL LINES brings together the seemingly disparate works of artists represented by PAULNACHE in Gisborne, New Zealand. The installation of artworks create a visual representation of timelines, slipstreams, jet-steams, tracks and paths alluding to the variable ways that artists interact visually, conceptually, locally and globally. Much like Jorge Luis Borges’s seminal short story The Garden of Forking Paths, where a multiplicity of narratives run together to create a hypertext structure, Parallel Lines traces multiple narratives around the perimeter of the gallery walls and in turn creates a wider narrative pursuing concepts of glocalization - a newly coined term, blending globalization and localization referring to the concept of individual, group organization, product or services that reflect not only global standards but also local aspects. The artists represented in the exhibition and by PAULNACHE act on this premise of glocalization with artists living throughout New Zealand and abroad in Berlin, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Manila and Mumbai, but all returning to the provincial East Coast city of Gisborne in New Zealand to test and trial their art in the context of PAULNACHE. 
The exhibition features artists Evan Woodruffe, Star Gossage, Matt Summers, Justin Jade Morgan, Mark Braunias, Brian Campbell, Matt Arbuckle, Scott Gardiner, Valerie Bos, Jevijoe Vitug, Rob McLeod, Ben Pearce, Ria Camp, Sanjay Theodore, Clive Kelly, John Pule, John Walsh, Arie Hellendoorn, Geoff Tune, Bill Riley, Dion Hitchens, James Ormsby and Matthew Couper.

Ben Pearce, Evan Woodfuffe, Rob McLeod, Matt Arbuckle
Peter Adsett, Evan Woodruffe, Mark Braunias, Arie Hellendorn, Rob, McLeod, Star Gossage, Matthew Summers, Val Bos, Sanjay Theodore, Brian Campbell

Matt Arbuckle, Rob McLeod, Sanjay Theodore, Brian Campbell, Star Gossage, Matthew Couper, Bill Riley, Sanjay Theodore

Star Gossage, Matthew Couper, Bill Riley, Rob McLeod

Bill Riley, Rob McLeod, Sanjay Theodore

Bill Riley, Scott Gardiner


James Ormsby, Jevijoe Vitug, Dion Hitchins
Sanjay Theodore, Scott Gardiner, John Pule
Sanjay Theodore, John Pule
Peter Adsett, Matthew Couper
Sanjay Theodore
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